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Making Decisions in the Right Direction!

I see the challenges facing Pueblo City Schools District 60, our students and the families in our community. We need to “make changes in the right direction” to ensure that every child gets the 21st century quality education that he or she lawfully and ethically deserves, so that our students become
productive citizens in the city of Pueblo and knowledgeable competitors in the world-wide marketplace.


As a teacher, I know what it is like to fight for respect and professional integrity in my classroom when
school board policies and administrative expectations hinder my effectiveness in my classroom.

My parents instilled in me the value of education. My father told me that education was “one thing they cannot take from you.”So, I decided that I must do something in the community to make our schools a better place for all students to receive the quality education that they need and rightfully deserve.


I am running for Pueblo City Schools District 60 school board to make sure that we...


Prioritize students!

Empower teachers!

Make fair and equitable decisions!

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